How I Got Started in Tech

Q: How did you get started in tech?

A: After graduating from college, I landed an internship at a public charter school in DC. The school was fantastic, but it didn’t have a website. Wanting to fix that, I was excited when my coworker told me about something called Wordpress, and their quick installation. After checking it out, I realized it wasn’t that difficult, and decided to build it. After that, I was hooked.

Since then, I’ve continued to code for about nine years now. I started learning object oriented programming with Python in 2012, but my facility with code began to improve dramatically when I started a Ruby group called Ruby in Hollywood in 2015. General Assembly, a code bootcamp, was the next stop on my journey, and there I learned some programming concepts and how to build MEAN stack apps. Now I’m still working on Ruby apps with Rails and Roda, and have started exploring the exciting new developments in the Elixir & Phoenix world.